Lecturing and research at the chair for Production Systems and Automation in terms of manufacturing systems are focused on the two main process set ups:

Product and Technology Management (Organization Development in line with the Enterprise Strategy, Production System Planning, Process Design in line with market conditions) as well as Structure Design and Value Creation (Distributed Automation, Enterprise).

We do research and teach with holistic systemic view on production in order to cope with the diversity of socio-technical-economic systems. All current developments can easily be captured, detailed and clearly modeled. The topics range from teaching of methodical basics of factory operation applying the aspect-systems approach, over strategic-dynamic enterprise orientation and company structuring, correlations of planning and engineering in complex production systems to aspects of control systems based on distributed intelligence.

Based on this professional focus the chair is organized by thematic areas:

  • Production Engineering and Organisation CPO
  • Factory Automaton FA
  • Networking Organisations CNO

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