Teaching at the IAF in the summer semester 2020

Due to the current corona pandemic (Covid-19), the following rules apply

  • all courses are usually held online
  • our semester is on schedule as far as possible, we do not expect delays
  • Defense will be resumed from May 4th according to the Corona hygiene rules.
  • Exams will be carried out after the appointment by the Examination Office.
  • in the event of delays resulting from corona, the extension requests to be submitted are generally approved
  • Approved Internships and laboratory tests will resume from May 4th according to the Corona hygiene rules

Further information on teaching summer semester 2020

We teach and research for a holistic systemic view of production in order to illustrate the diversity of socio-technical-economic systems. The focus is on companies and corporate networks with the aim of innovative and efficient organization and control of companie functions.


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