Production Engineering and Organisation

Applied research and organizational development, innovative organizational solutions and implementation for small and medium sized companies (SMEs) are the core topics for the Center for Production Engineering and Organization at IAF. Our interdisciplinary team with experienced experts will bring in their broad background from successfully accomplished projects and implementations of manufacturing structures and setups as well as the planning and design of manufacturing systems.

Our project work will definitely announce the profitability and efficiency of industrial companies. It encloses collaboration with the management, works out, designs and implements key strategy parameters of your enterprise. Increasing efficiency and effectiveness of your manufacturing areas will be achieved by consequent and participative design and smooth implementation of newest methods of Factory Operations with the excellent skills of methods and tools in synthesis with the focus on Human Resources.


Starting Point  Research
Research Items
  • Innovative interdisciplinary research and development projects in the context of international research cooperation
  • Profound knowledge of the latest methods of factory operations and excellent skills on the respective tools for generating innovative problem solutions
  • Design of technical and organizational problem solutions
  • Textual and methodological development of e-business strategies for manufacturing companies
  • Theoretical and praktical design as well as implementation of organization solutions in manufacturing fields
  • HR-oriented planning and design of layouts and material flows of manufacturing systems
  • Use of methods and tools of manufacturing systems design under participatory approach for effective and competitive business processes in line with all relevant key performance indicators for your business.

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