Lecturing Programm

The University Chair for Factory Operations and Manufacturing Systems teaches according to an integral systemic view of production in order to capture the full multiplicity of socio-technical-economic systems. All recent developments can be captured and modeled. The areas range from the methodical basics of factory operations over the aspect-system-approach, the strategic-dynamic corporate orientations and structuring as well as relationship of the planning and design of complex production systems to control systems based on distributed intelligence.

The lectures offered at the University Chair for Factory Operations and Manufacturing Systems are modularly conceived. It clearly incorporates a university to teach the philosophy of the researching teacher as the teaching researcher. This is particularly true for the lectures of advanced contents. The fundamentals are provided by the lectures factory operations and production system planning, laying the grounds for all advanced lectures.

None of the teaching units neither claims to be exhaustive nor exclusive as generally for contents being taught at universities. In fact they offer an introduction to profound self-studies. Numerous references, suggestions for further readings as well as exercise materials and scripts are hinted at. Likewise the curriculum is seen as an introduction for lifelong learning for the subjects.

Our offered lectures around production technology and factory automation are prior elements of the Master in production technology.

Positions of the lectures in the life cycle of the manufacturing System


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