Networking Organisations

Applied research and organizational development, innovative organizational solutions and implementation for small and medium size companies (SMEs) are the core topics for the center of Production Engineering and Organisation at IAF. Our interdisciplinary team with experienced experts will bring in their broad background from successfully accomplished projects and implementations of manufacturing structures and setup as well as the planning and design of manufacturing systems.

Our projects aboard will enormously increase profitability and efficiency of your supply networks and multi-site setups. Our very experienced researchers will work out in collaboration with your top management implementations of your company's strategies for your multi-site multinational enterprise. Increasing a management quality and better control of your company network will be done by experiences with the fractal enterprise approach that has been developed at IAF as one of the leading conceptions worldwide on the field. Sources of success are our additionally and long-term collaboration in international and European projects as IMS and the European frameworks together with key multinational players.


Starting point  Research Item Research Outcomes
  • Innovative interdisciplinary research and development projects in the context of international research cooperations
  • Practical relevance by verification of the research results in marketable products, methods and services
  • Development of integrated system solutions
  • Design and implementation of company structures and processes
  • Coordination and control mechanism for distributed and virtual network structures and cooperation units
  • Staging of support processes for technology-oriented company start-ups
  • Innovation in networks
  • Methodized and structured transfer of principles and approaches of the fractal company on network organisations with implementations of market services for technology-driven manufacturing companies and innovative companies of the service sector

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