Contract research and knowledge transfer for industrial enterprises
Project course

Initial talk

  • After contacting we arrange a personal meeting in which we record all the data relevant for the project.

    The aims and objectives of the project will be discussed and agreed upon together with you.


  • Within 48 hours you will receive all the relevant documents for a cooperation. At the very least this includes a detailed offer containing objective, procedure, time schedule and budget plan as well as a research and development contract. If you find this agreeable the project might start.

Project execution

  • The project will start promptly and according to the agreement.

  • Our experienced project manager will communicate and report about the project’s progress on a regular basis.

  • The integration of your staff into the project work will guarantee swift and secure results for your production.

  • New insights gained during the project are happily considered and resolved by us.

Project conclusion

  • The results of the project will be handed to you in form of a final presentation and a project report. 

  • Further work is prepared by us in a way that your staff will have no problem executing it.

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